1x a week

One training per week
PLN 140 monthly
  • Lowest ticket price
  • Approx. 4 trainings per month

2x a week

Two trainings per week
PLN 160 monthly
  • The optimal amount of training
  • Approx. 8 trainings per month
  • Frequently selected

Open pass

All trainings
PLN 180 monthly
  • The lowest cost per training
  • Approx. 16 trainings per month
  • You'll miss nothing

Single training

One time entry
PLN 40 per entry
  • You pay for what you use
  • For irregular exercisers
  • No obligations
  • Not subject to discounts

Individual training

60 mins
PLN 150 60 mins
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Possible option for 2 people. - PLN 180 (or 1.5h PLN 230)
  • Opcja Vouchera na prezent
  • From the age of 12! Does not require an introductory workshop.
  • Not subject to discounts
  • Sprawdź szczegóły na dedykowanej stronie


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Fees for tickets are paid in advance before the beginning of a given month. If we do not record the payment until 10th day of the month to our account, fees will be charged as for single trainings. Payments for single trainings are paid in advance before the training or immediately for the whole month.

Payments should be made to the account of the Association:

TAKE Association

In the title of the transfer, please enter:
For Katori trainings (Month, Year), (Name and Surname)

Tickets can also be purchased via our online store (fast payments by Dotpay):

We provide 4 types of discounts:

Family – for ascendants, descendants, siblings and spouses -10% for each person

Student – upon presentation of a valid ID card -10%

Pupils of the Piarist Order High School – upon presentation of a valid ID card -10%

Membership – for a member of the TAKE Association with a paid annual fee -10%

Discounts apply to monthly tickets only and cannot be combined. To get a discount when buying through the online store, after registering an account and before buying contact us.

Discounts apply to monthly tickets only. Single and individual trainings are not subject to discounts.


If you participate in trainings more than a year, you can join the TAKE Association.

The membership fee is 7.5 PLN / month (90 PLN / year), payable at the beginning of the calendar year.

To the Association's account under the title:

TAKE Association

Membership fee (Name and Surname) (Year)

Paid membership fee gives a 10% discount on monthly tickets, TAKE workshops and shopping in TAKE shop.

We do not currently accept these types of cards.

Yes, contact us for details.
This is what it looks like our voucher template:



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