What's a Katori Shintō-ryū?

Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū (Katori for short) is the oldest Japanese school of fencing, including e.g. the art of fighting with a katana sword (kenjutsu), a stick (bojutsu), a glaive (naginatajutsu), a spear (sōjutsu).

Founded in the 15th century, it has survived to this day through direct transmission, making it one of the best-preserved medieval combat systems in the world. Unlike modern martial arts such as iaidō, aikidō or kendō (so-called gendai būdō), it was created for practical use on the battlefield and is classified as so-called martial arts. old samurai schools (kōryū bujutsu) with a long tradition.

Calligraphy of the name of the Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū school

The school program includes, among others:

Sword arts
Sword fighting
4 Kata: Basic Sword Techniques (表之太刀 Omote no Tachi)
5 Kata: Five Sword Techniques (五教之太刀 Gogyo no Tachi)
3 Kata: the essence of sword fighting (極意七条之太刀 Gokui Shichijo no Tachi)
Drawing the sword
6 Kata: Basic Sword Drawing Techniques (表之居合 Omote-no Iai)
5 Kata: Standing Sword Drawing Techniques (立合抜刀術 Tachiai Battōjutsu)
5 Kata: the essence of drawing the sword (極意之居合 Goku no Iai)
Two swords
(両刀術 ryōtōjutsu)
4 kata: two swords (両刀 Ryōtō)
Short sword
3 Kata: Essence of Short Sword Fighting (極意之小太刀 Gokui no Kodachi)
Stick fighting
6 Kata: Basic Stick Techniques (表之棒 Omote no Bō)
6 Kata: Five Stick Techniques (五教之棒 Gogyō no Bō)
Glaive fighting
4 Kata: Basic Naginata Techniques (表之長刀 Omote no Naginata)
3 Kata: The Essence of Naginata Fighting (極意七条之長刀 Gokui Shichijo no Naginata)
Spear fighting
6 Kata: Basic Spear Techniques (表之槍 Omote no Yari)
2 Kata: Hidden Spear Techniques (Hiden no Yari)
Throwing spikes
7 Kata: Basic Throwing Techniques (表之手裏剣 Omote no Shuriken)
8 Kata: Five Throwing Techniques (五教之手裏剣 Gogyō no Shuriken)
9 Kata: the essence of throwing techniques (極意之手裏剣 Gokui no Shuriken)
hand-to-hand combat (jujutsu) 36 Kata: the essence of hand-to-hand combat (極意之柔術 Gokui no Jujutsu)
Basic training weapons used in Katori
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