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First training


1. The organizer of the classes is the TAKE Association based at ul. Głogowska 15/3 in Kraków 30-416, KRS: 0000479851, NIP: 6793095664, REGON: 122962010.


3. The classes can be attended by people who:
§ are over 15 years of age (people who are under 18 years of age will be admitted to classes after submitting consent to participate in classes signed by their legal representative);
§ submit a medical certificate confirming the lack of contraindications to practicing martial arts recreationally or submit a handwritten declaration or accept it by clicking the "I accept" button below, and in the case of minors by a statutory representative - a written declaration of health condition;
§ completed the information card;
§ they have personal accident insurance (NNW), purchased on their own;
§ have paid for the classes in the amount specified in the fee table on this website and have a valid personal admission pass issued by the instructor;
§ have signed these regulations or accept them by clicking the "accept" button below (persons under 18 years of age must submit the signed regulations by their legal representative).
4. The final decision on admitting a person to classes is made by the instructor.


5. During classes, you must obey the teacher and only follow his instructions.
6. The instructor is not responsible for any accidents occurring during the exercises, resulting from poor health, failure to follow the instructor's instructions or the use of faulty equipment, or resulting from failure to follow the program and instructor's recommendations and performing the exercises independently in the absence and without supervisor supervision.
7. It is the participant's responsibility to inform the instructor about his or her indisposition, health condition and other limitations that make it impossible to perform the exercises before starting to perform the given exercises. Any injuries that prevent you from performing certain exercises should be reported to the instructor before training.
8. The instructor is not responsible for any consequences that may occur to the participant of the classes as a result of harm to health and life resulting from participation in sports exercises organized in accordance with all sports rules.
9. In the event of inappropriate behavior of a course participant, the instructor has the right to take consequences against him, including expulsion from the class.
10. The host is not responsible for items left, damaged or lost in the locker room or other rooms and sports halls.
11. In the event of injury, injury or poor health, the participant should immediately contact the instructor and inform him about his condition. The leader is obliged to provide first aid to the participant, in accordance with applicable regulations.
12. Exercises are conducted using methods and devices that ensure the full safety of the exercisers.
13. Participants are obliged to comply with the regulations of the gym where classes are held.


14. You are not allowed to leave the room on your own, if necessary, you should report such a need to the teacher.
15. It is forbidden to participate in classes after consuming any amount of alcohol or other intoxicants or in the event of feeling unwell.
16. Participants of classes should wear any decorations - rings, wedding rings, watches, earrings, chains, etc. is prohibited during training.
17. It is forbidden to eat meals, chew gum, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take intoxicants during classes.


18. The participant of the classes is obliged to pay fees for participation in training in accordance with the fee table available on this website.
19. The monthly fee is averaged over the year and is identical for each month, regardless of holidays, days off and days when it is impossible to use the gym for reasons attributable to the owner of the gym.
20. The monthly fee is paid in advance before the start of a given month. The course participant is obliged to comply with the payment deadlines.
21. In case of resignation from classes or inability to participate in them, the fees paid are not refundable.
22. The fee for classes may change during the school year. The participant will be notified of any change in fees one month in advance.
23. The classes are a form of physical recreation - physical activity undertaken voluntarily for relaxation, self-satisfaction and renewal of psychophysical strength. The aim of the school is to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical recreation among young people and adults and to promote Budō around the world.

Consent to use the image

24. Participants of the classes may be photographed and filmed by the organizer, and their image may be published publicly in various media (e.g. newspapers, posters, Internet, etc.).
Personal data protection

Information on the processing of personal data in accordance with art. 13 (in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation)

The administrator of your personal data is the TAKE Association with its registered office at ul. Głogowska 15/3, 31-416 Kraków (TAKE).

TAKE can be contacted via the following e-mail address:

Your data will be processed by TAKE for the following purposes:
- conducting martial arts training - pursuant to Art. 6 section 1 point a
- conducting the activities of the TAKE Association - pursuant to Art. 6 section 1 point a and art. 9 section 2 points d

Your personal data will be processed by TAKE for the period necessary to achieve the below purposes
- conducting martial arts training - until you stop participating in training,
– conducting the activities of the TAKE Association – until the expiry of the obligations to store data under the law.

Your personal data may be entrusted by TAKE:
– providers of IT services supporting the performance of TAKE activities,

You have the right to access your data and the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, the right to transfer data, the right to raise objections, the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal;

You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority dealing with the protection of personal data

Providing data is voluntary. The result of not providing them will be the inability to participate in TAKE training and activities.
I declare that my health allows me to practice Japanese martial arts, and in particular I do not suffer from: epilepsy, asthma, cardiac or neurological diseases and I do not have any permanent spine damage or other chronic diseases.
I declare that my health allows me to practice Japanese martial arts, however, I suffer from the diseases listed below, which require special attention and caution. I also undertake to provide an appropriate medical opinion regarding the possibility of participating in classes.
To download: Rules of participation in classes
It must be printed and signed by the legal guardian before the first training session.
Sending the completed form gives you the opportunity to participate in training.
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