Kenjutsu trainings in Cracow

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  • You need to be at least 15 years old and complete the introductory workshops.

Weekly schedule - season 2023/2024

UWAGA! między 30.04 a 22.05 obowiązuje zmieniony harmonogram treningów! 

Sala na Akacjowej podczas matur będzie niedostępna. We wtorki będą treningi 19:00-20:30 Na Skarpie 8 (BEG). W środy na Smoleńsk 7, 20-21:30 (INT&ADV). Sprawdź szczegóły na kalendarzu. 

To check the details of how to get to location, parking and to view the map, please click Show.

MON20:15 – 21:45BEGstreet Lubomirskiego 21Show
TUE20:15 – 21:45BEGstreet Akacjowa 5Show
WED18:00 – 19:30BEGos. Na Skarpie 8Show
WED20:00 – 21:15INTstreet Akacjowa 5Show
WED21:15 – 22:30ADVstreet Akacjowa 5Show
THU18:30 – 20:00BEGstreet Smolensk 7Show


Currently, students are assigned to 3 groups according to their level of advancement.

GroupLevelRankGłówne TechnikiGłówne Bronie
Beginner (BEG)BeginnerAnykenjutsubokken, iaitō
Intermediate(INT)IntermediateFrom 4th kyukenjutsu, iaijutsu, bōjutsubokken, iaitō, bō stick
Advanced (ADV)AdvancedFrom 1st kyukenjutsu, iaijutsu, naginatajutsu, bōjutsu, kodachijutsu, sōjutsu, ryōtōjutsubokken, iaitō, naginata, bō stick, kodachi, yari, katana

Training and seminar calendar

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We do not currently accept these types of cards.

Yes, you can come to the training as a spectator and see how we practice and whether it is suitable for you (or your child). Know that the first 15 minutes are a general development warm-up, the next 15 minutes are usually training basic cuts and positions. And only after this part do we start training in pairs. The exception is Advanced (ADV) group training - outsiders are not allowed to enter it.

A beginner group is for everyone. We focus on kenjutsu techniques.

People with a 4th kyu rank or higher. We focus on techniques: kenjutsu, iaijutsu and bōjutsu.
People with a 1st kyu rank or higher. We focus on techniques: kenjutsu, iaijutsu, bōjutsu, naginatajutsu, ryōtōjutsu, kodachijutsu and sōjutsu.

Tak, szczegóły znajdziesz na this page.

Starting training with a partner, we ask for good learning, when we finish, we thank for it.

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