8-13.08 Seminar with Sugino Yukihiro in Leer

We invite you to attend a seminar in Leer (Germany), conducted by Sugino Yukihiro (9th Dan). The seminar will be held on 8-August 13 and is available for every level of advancement. Accommodation is available in the gymnasium at Sensei Ulf's dojo on the street Grosser Oldekamp 17 Just for students and unemployed people.

Prior registration required July 25, 2023 under address below.

Price for basic training:

  • entire seminar – EUR 185
  • weekend only – EUR 75
  • set of any 3 training sessions – EUR 75
  • single training – EUR 30

Price for advanced training for Yudansha (from 1st Dan):

  • entire seminar – EUR 215
  • single training – EUR 25

Price for advanced training for Kodansha (from 3rd Dan):

  • entire seminar – EUR 245
  • single training – EUR 25
Payments to the account:
    Ulf Rott
    IBAN: DE 20285900750009848502

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