Japanese fencing demonstrations

We perform Japanese fencing demonstrations (kenjutsu) on the occasion of various types of days and holidays. These are various events such as: Japan Days, concerts, Children's Days, film screenings, company events, meetings in Manggha, Sports Days, conventions, picnics, etc. We are able to perform from 15 to 60 minutes.

Our offer includes not only samurai sword fencing (kenjutsu), but also other weapons:

  • long staff (bōjutsu)
  • halberd / glaive (naginatajutsu)
  • yari spear (sōjutsu)
  • two swords (ryōtōjutsu)
  • short sword (kodachijutsu)
  • and sword drawing (iaijutsu)

All in accordance with the original teachings of the Katori Shintō-ryū school with over 550 years of tradition handed down from master to master.

Additional options are:

  • mini training for those interested, during which up to ~15 people can participate in one outing
  • mat cutting demonstration (tameshigiri)
  • presentation of sword maintenance techniques

As a registered association, we sign contracts and issue invoices.

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