Registration for Japanese fencing in Cracow

Katori is a martial art that leads you along the path of peace.

For who?

For everyone from the age of 15. There is no upper age limit. For both women and men.

How to start?

By signing up for our introductory workshops. These are dedicated 3 hours of classes for new people. Check the date of the next workshop. Leave us your e-mail address and we will notify you about upcoming workshops.

Where and when?

Beginner group trainings are held several times a week, check the current schedule here. We set the hours of individual trainings with each person.


Registration takes place by participating in introductory workshops.

If there is no announced date for the introductory workshop, leave us your e-mail address and we will notify you about the next one and add it to the monthly newsletter. We plan to organize introductory workshops every month or every two months, depending on demand.


You can go to trainings irregularly or buy a monthly ticket. See the price list.


For your first training session, you will need a wooden bokken.
In our store you can order a bokken and pick it up before training.


At the beginning, a sports outfit, i.e. a t-shirt and long sweatpants, is enough.
Then you should get navy blue keikogi, white belt and pants, and over time, when you reach the advanced level - navy blue hakama.
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